Are mentors free?

Although some people charge for tutoring, we believe that tutoring should be free and easily accessible to everyone. Offering free mentoring helps eliminate any monetary bias, reduces malicious intent, and ensures that the mentor is truly focused on helping their mentee grow and thrive. Small business owners who receive three or more hours of mentoring report higher revenues and greater growth. Identify your small business needs and desired support.

Request a SCORE mentor as your small business success advisor. Schedule a mentoring session with your assigned SCORE mentor. Set goals for your small business with the guidance of your SCORE mentor. Work with your SCORE mentor throughout the life of your company.

To easily find the SCORE small business mentor that best fits your goals and needs, use one of these three ways to connect. Complete the SCORE mentoring request form and SCORE will assign you a mentor based on your questions and needs. Explore mentor profiles to find the knowledge, experience and partner that best suits your needs. Find your local SCORE branch to get the experience and resources in your local area.

See how SCORE mentors have made a difference for other small business owners like you. Alexandra and Samantha Blatteis create a successful start-up in the artisanal spirits industry. Reginald Quarles expands his tea shop and draws the attention of local media as his business grows. Alice Anne Friends obtains provider certification from the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide ASL services to federal agencies.

De Heaton connects their community to the arts and to each other. April %26 Azur Moulaert focuses on what it knows %26 creates a local organic tortilla company that is becoming famous in the culinary world. Mentor Tim Douglas with client Dena Schaffer Krebs from Creations Reimagined.

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