What to do at the end of a mentorship program?

Final review and evaluation The final review is an instrument for identifying what you have gained. The objectives are to analyze the end of the relationship, identify achievements as a mentor-mentee couple and examine what both have learned throughout the process. Both parties must talk transparently and directly about the relationship in order for professional mentoring to be successful and to preserve a professional relationship in the future. When the mentoring relationship must end due to external factors (such as a mentor or mentee moving or changing jobs), it's fairly simple to put an end to professional mentoring.

If there is no natural end date for professional mentoring (such as the course of an internship or a formal mentoring program), it may be a good idea to set an approximate date at the beginning of the relationship. For example, if a mentor stops communicating with a mentee, the mentee may interpret the situation as a sign that they don't deserve the time and attention that are required from a mentor, when in reality the mentor may be withdrawing from professional mentoring due to unrelated factors.

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